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Marianne Hermsen

Marianne Hermsen

Marianne HermsenPresent Position:    International Coach at NovoExpat- Coaching New Leaders Abroad

Marianne, international coach, is co-founder of NovoExpat, a coaching & training company servicing expatriates and their family to make their foreign assignment a learning path of growth and development.

Marianne worked for 11 years in different marketing & sales management position in the international mobility industry. Leaving the corporate world two years ago, Marianne stepped into the world of coaching, willing to explore new terrain and embrace new ideas.

Marianne has a genuine passion for languages and people from other cultures, and has coached internationals successfully from Spain, UK, Italy, France and the Netherlands.

She holds a Master’s degree in European Studies (French, Spanish, Int. Economics) and is a certified as a coach by the Coaches Training Institute.

Through workshops, group & individual coaching, she allows people to reconnect to their passion, to be who they are, both in work and privately, and.. to truly feel at home in the Netherlands.