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Silver Sponsor: Walter Francia – Oil Paintings

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The artist Walter Francia, which art works go from oil painting til conceptual photography, is the new sponsor of Asociación Española de Profesionales en Holanda. The work of Francia is much more about what you do not see. With this new sponsor, the official members of AEPH could buy any of Walter Francia’s painting with 15% of disccount.

Walter Francia – Oil Paintings

The work of Francia is much more about what you do not see. The landscapes are endless with a long horizon as a line-break-through the space.  Francia’s  sense of proportion and composition are also shown in his latest work. The harmony is a recurring fact. He gives his colors and reliefs free play in a seemingly invisible space. Francia is a spiritual person, religious in his own way. He believes in the stirrings of the spirit and in a certain order behind the chaos. This can be seen on his canvases.


Walter Francia – Series ON-THE-MOVE Conceptual Photography

Conceptual Photography makes healthy use of graphical symbols to represent ideas, movements, moods, anything and everything that the photographer might want to include in the message… The work is presented mostly in dibon & liquid gloss, brushed aluminum, perspex or in linen. This is a serie of photography partially digital worked which has details of paintings.  Many in clear warm transparent colors, black and white, sepia, and… obscurities, …. almost full loneliness situations.  It is developed in train and subway stations, in the surrounding areas and in some trains themselves, this serie is called  ON-THE-MOVE.