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Silver Sponsor: Douwes Fine Art

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Douwes Fine Art has become a new AEPH sponsor. The world renowned art Gallery Douwes Fine Art has preserved for several generations the tradition of dealing and restoring art works, as well as searching for talented new artists and potential buyers around the world. If you are art passionate you need to know Douwes Fine Art.

Douwes Fine Art, the Europe’s oldest family owned art gallery will celebrate its 210th anniversary in 2015!

The Douwes tradition started as a restoration workshop as early as the 1760’s.  Douwes’ forbearers of the already fashionable Amsterdam of the second half of the 18th century tried to fulfill the desires of those that wanted their imposing canal houses painted and restored.

Whoever speaks to Evert Douwes Sr. and Jr. about two hundred years of Douwes Fine Art, is impressed by their passion for art and by their knowledgeThese days, the firm still belongs to the same family and has been passed on from father to son for many generations. The present owners of Douwes Fine Art are in effect the seventh and eighth generation. However, according to the official regulations of the St. Lucas guild, abolished shortly after 1808, Douwes prefers to start counting its entry as an independently registered business on September 5th, 1805. Now in its sixth generation of art dealing and restoring, this prestigious art gallery is the oldest of its kind in The Netherlands and in Europe. Douwes Fine Art offers five centuries of paintings, works on paper and sculpture of the various Dutch (including original Rembrandt prints), Flemish, French, Russian, Modern and non-European (including Africanists and contemporary Chinese) schools. Douwes Fine Art endeavours to keep a low threshold and to provide its expertise to a large public while maintaining consistently high-quality works of art in its collection.

Evert Douwes Jr. Douwes Fine Art Director

Evert Douwes Jr.

Evert Douwes Jr.

Director Evert Douwes Jr. (1953 – 6th Generation) has been spoon-fed with the art dealing profession. After High School Evert jr. enrolled for History of Art at the University of Amsterdam. During his studies he worked with the leading expert Eberhard Kornfeld in Berne, Switzerland, allowing him to develop his own expertise in classic modern art and Rembrandt prints. Evert jr. then spent time in London to follow the Sotheby’s Works of Art Course and to connect with the international art market. After studying the famous collection of drawings at the Institut Neerlandais in Paris, visiting museums throughout the United States and Canada and re-organizing the extensive and unique art library (over 300,000 illustrations) at the Gallery in Amsterdam, he was ready to open the London Branch of Douwes Fine Art in 1979.

Inspired by the knowledge of his father, Evert jr. was able to gain experience in buying and selling, as well as the running of an international family owned art business. In 1995, after having lived in London for eighteen years, Evert jr., his wife and three children moved to Amsterdam where he has since been at the helm of the Douwes Fine Art Gallery located immediately next to the Rijksmuseum.

Evert jr. serves as a painting expert in several vetting committees and is a member of the Board of Directors to the most important Dutch National Art and Antiques Fair (PAN – Pictura Antiquairs Nationaal). Evert jr. is also involved in various aspects of the protection of Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands, now in the rank of major.

Three generations of Douwes

Three generations of Douwes

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