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Gold Sponsor: Hotels NH

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HOTELS NH hold third in the European ranking for business hotels. With 337 hotels, 49,157 rooms in 21 countries of Europe, America and Africa. Hotels NH currently have 44 projects of new hotels under construction, which will bring more than 8,000 new rooms.

NH Hotels stand out for their quality in services and facilities, designed to please all tastes, even very carefully decorated and with which the customer feels comfortable. Settlements of NH Hotels are equipped with the most advanced technologies to facilitate customer communication, work and entertainment.
The restoration is another of the priorities of the hotels of the chain, which offers its customers top quality cuisine. In addition, NH Hotels and prestigious Restorer Ferrán Adrià, who was associated with the chain in 2000, have launched concepts such as “nhube”, in the hotel sector pioneering spaces that combine restoration, leisure and relaxation for guests of the chain, and “Fast Good”.

Benefits for members

Members of the Spanish Association of professionals in the Netherlands enjoy direct and free subscription of the “NH World Card”.

Among others, the benefits of the NH World Card are as follows:

  • High compensation in its use: minimum of 5% of expenditure on hotels NH becomes credits (1 credit = 1 Euro).
  • Check-in express to members: the presentation of the card allows immediate identification in seconds.
  • Credits are obtained from the first use of the card and can be used at any time, hotel and without destination restrictions. Even if the card is not presented, the credits are loaded into the account
  • The credits can be used only to pay part of a check and can be combined with other payment methods. Payment with credit at the same time generates new credits. Credits are given to the person who spends the night at the hotel, regardless of who pays the stay.
  • Free services for members as a free stay for a companion, room and “late check-out”.
  • Possibility of associating another person to the card. The person chosen will have their own card but credits will accumulate in the primary credit account
  • Programs customized for different segments of customers NH, including cards customized for companies or agencies of trips (both design and advantages)
  • Promotions and personalized services designed from the preferences or habits of the customer. Given that the card can contain additional information (tastes, hobbies) This allows that NH can (if the customer so wishes) adapt to your liking certain parameters during your stay in the hotels.

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