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Gold Sponsor: GroupCard

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GroupCard, offers designed cards with the logo of your Company, your name, events, seen for the interest of the consumer. They are designed for all those people and associations whose function is mainly participate in social relations.
It is interesting to create an environment of loyalty of partners in your company or simply if you want to create a personal card with your data.


Members, clubs and local retailers benefit from the customer card.
The customer card is a product of the BV GROUP CARD. It was created at the beginning of 2010, the customer card was introduced as a pilot in a club in Amstelveen.
The customer card is already a success for everywhere! This card is described as a “card of loyalty”, recognized by sports clubs that already obtained this card. Also associations and affiliated companies.
With this card, the members of the participating associations, benefit from various discounts. These discounts will appear on your customer card.
To see designs already made can consult the page:
Postbus 8004
1180 LA Amstelveen
Tel. 088-5387088