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Do you know the dutch tradition of Kingsday?

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The Koningsdag Today marks Amsterdam becomes the “orange” zone ( in homage to the name of the royal family : Orange) the country’s largest .

The whole country is colored orange to celebrate the Day of the King. Across the country music performances , fun fairs , flea markets and various festivals are held . Also the royal family out of the palace and visit a Dutch municipality to pass a ‘ sovereign ‘ fun filled day .
Since 1885 is celebrated every August 31 to coincide with the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina , but with the beginning of the reign of her daughter Juliana in 1948 became the party to be held on the date of his birth, April 30 . Finally with the arrival to the throne of his son, King William Alexander, the party happened to be held on April 27 and known under its current name .