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Silver sponsors


Ondereming & Kunst

Onderneming & Kunst (Enterprise & Art) organizes cultural projects and provides consultancy and organisational services in the field of arts and culture. Onderneming & Kunst posesses extensive experience and expertise in organising (art) fairs, exhibitions and cultural projects of all sorts. Each year Onderneming & Kunst organizes the art fairs “Realisme” and “KrunstRAI” in Amsterdam and the arts and antiques fair “ART” in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Among the clients are corporations and governments in The Netherlands and abroad.

Douwes Fine Art

Douwes Fine Art has become a new AEPH sponsor. The world renowned art Gallery Douwes Fine Art has preserved for several generations the tradition of dealing and restoring art works, as well as searching for talented new artists and potential buyers around the world. If you are art passionate you need to know Douwes Fine Art. The Douwes tradition started as a restoration workshop as early as the 1760’s.  Douwes’ forbearers of the already fashionable Amsterdam of the second half of the 18th century tried to fulfill the desires of those that wanted their imposing canal houses painted and restored.

Walter Francia

The artist Walter Francia, which art works go from oil painting til conceptual photography, is the new sponsor of Asociación Española de Profesionales en Holanda. The work of Francia is much more about what you do not see. The landscapes are endless with a long horizon as a line-break-through the space.  Francia’s  sense of proportion and composition are also shown in his latest work. The harmony is a recurring fact. He gives his colors and reliefs free play in a seemingly invisible space. Francia is a spiritual person, religious in his own way. He believes in the stirrings of the spirit and in a certain order behind the chaos. This can be seen on his canvases.