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Rosa Iglesias, Spanish standard bearer

Rosa Iglesias, recently sponsor of the Spanish Assosiation of Professional in the Netherlands (AEPH) and owner of the Spanish restaurant ‘Señora Rosa’ and the catering company ‘El Quijote’, it has been awarded with one of the most prestige civilian honor in Spain, the Cross of the Order of Civil Merit given to her because of promotion of the Spain’s image in the Netherlands, specifically because of her traditional Spanish cuisine from her business in Eindhoven.

Merit Medal

Merit Medal

This award is one of the two along with Isabel the Catholic that are dependent on The Foreign Affairs of the Spanish Government. This award has existed for over a hundred years and it is given to all citizens for a conduct of civil merit.

The award will be imposed to Rosa this coming October 30th in his restaurant in Eindhoven by the Ambassador of Spain in the Netherlands, Mr. Fernando Arias, in the presence of the mayor of Eindhoven and other local authorities and friends.

Rosa Iglesias has been living in the Netherlands for 35 years, in a charming city, Eindhoven. She came for love and after a pretty hard beginning, she reached her goals and made her dreams come true. She opened a little business. The idea was to grow the business bigger and expend it slowly, it finally started to work. She managed to open two businesses and to settle down in the Netherlands. Her both businesses were born from her passion and desire of bringing a piece of her own culture to the Netherlands. These initiatives – a Spanish food store, a catering company and her cooking workshops- have made Rosa Iglesias a successful business woman.

To enjoy the best sensation of the vacation is not necessary to go far away; a little trip to Eindhoven is enough!

With these words, she is sharing her philosophy, her way of life. Her work goes beyond the business interest, because she also wants to bring closer the Spanish culture and her cuisine to the Dutch people. Thanks to her, Dutch people know Extremadura and also Spain as a land richer than they could never imagine.

For more information visit her websites: SEÑORA ROSA // TAPAS EL QUIJOTE