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Groeneveld Castle

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11030717_1571124849825507_7532181717845958479_oJoin us in our event on the 17th of May in this magnificent castle!

Built around 1710, it is often considered as one of the finest examples of Rococo country house style. Originally, it was developed as a typical eighteenth century country manor. It was during these days that members of the high society from wealthy cities such as Amsterdam would purchase country estates. Now, you can enjoy the place with its tranquility, fresh air, nature, culture, and sumptuous food. Enjoy the wonderful walls of this architectural and historical marvel which is also a witness to the rich history of its inhabitants and during the post-war period when Groeneveld was a haven for writers and artist from Amsterdam.

Come to the event organized by AEPH and enjoy the exhibition of Walter Francia in a fascinating atmosphere you will never forget.