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Gold sponsors

International Agency

The International Agency (AI) assists, advises and supports the establishment and subsequent working of international companies in the Netherlands. The International Agency also advises business projects through the Netherlands and from the Netherlands to Spain and Latin America. Our business solutions are tailored to our client, from solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises to those required by large companies.

Group Card


GroupCard, offers designed cards with the logo of your Company, your name, events, seen for the interest of the consumer. They are designed for all those people and associations whose function is mainly participate in social relations. It is interesting to create an environment of loyalty of partners in your company or simply if you want to create a personal card with your data.

Hotels NH

HOTELS NH hold third in the European ranking for business hotels. With 337 hotels, 49,157 rooms in 21 countries of Europe, America and Africa. Hotels NH currently have 44 projects of new hotels under construction, which will bring more than 8,000 new rooms. NH Hotels stand out for their quality in services and facilities, designed to please all tastes, even very carefully decorated and with which the customer feels comfortable. Settlements of NH Hotels are equipped with the most advanced technologies to facilitate customer communication, work and entertainment.