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Studio for rent in the center of Amsterdam

Beautiful studio located in an unique location of the center of Amsterdam: on the Amstel opposite to Stopera (opera house). Ideal for an international professional working in Amsterdam as expat.

Walter Francia

On the 17th of May we will have the pleasure of meeting a renowned artist and sponsor of AEPH, Walter Francia.

Do you know the dutch tradition of Kingsday?

The Koningsdag Today marks Amsterdam becomes the “orange” zone ( in homage to the name of the royal family : Orange) the country’s largest .

Groeneveld Castle

Join us in our event on the 17th of May in this magnificent castle!

Rosa Iglesias, Spanish standard bearer

Rosa Iglesias, recently sponsor of the Spanish Assosiation of Professional in the Netherlands (AEPH) and owner of the Spanish restaurant ‘Señora Rosa’ and the catering company ‘El Quijote’, it has been awarded with one of the most prestige civilian honor in Spain, the Cross of the Order of Civil Merit given to her because of promotion of the Spain’s image in the Netherlands, specifically because of her traditional Spanish cuisine from her business in Eindhoven.

This award is one of the two along with Isabel the Catholic that are dependent on The Foreign Affairs of the Spanish Government. This award has existed for over a hundred years and it is given to all citizens for a conduct of civil merit.