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logo colombianos On the 21st of March, there will be a charity event entitled, “Supermatch 2015, Juégatela por Colombia” in Utrecht. This event aims to raise funds for the Viracocha Foundation in Colombia, which reaches out to the rural area of San Agustin (Huila Department, Colombia), training the villagers on sustainable agriculture. Further, the organization extends its support to the vulnerable population such as providing schoolchildren with free meals while studying.

Each year, the Association of Professional Colombians (APC) in the Netherlands holds an event funding a project which benefits and empowers Colombian children. The donations enable APC to purchase and deliver the tools for these projects.

Who do we help?

This time, benefited will be the non-profit organization Virocha Foundation which promotes self-sustaining development in the region through educational workshops for children and adults. Its goal is geared towards the empowerment of the community for sustainable and economically feasible use of natural resources.

The proceeds shall go to the purchase of an industrial blender and to the improvement of the common area where the foundation’s soup kitchen preparing 100 lunches daily is situated. Further, the kitchen utensils have suffered a lot of wear and tear over the years. Among them is the blender which is used frequently for domestic purposes and needs replacement thrice in a year. An industrial blender minimizes the costs incurred thus, allowing the foundation to optimize its work and be more efficient in community service.


As part of the Pilot Educational Center for Agro-ecology (CEPA), Viracocha Foundation is building a multi-function “maloka” which will serve as a venue for workshops and various activities benefiting children and the general population. To finish the project and ultimately serve its purpose, a floor with an area of 120 sq m. is required.

“Help us build a better nation by giving your small yet helpful contribution from a distance. They need our support.”

Buy your ticket or make a donation now.

Amount: € 35 * (couples € 60)

Date: Saturday, the 21st of March 2015

Time: 17:00

Venue: In de Ruimte, Oudegracht 230-A a/d Werf, 3511 NT Utrecht


*Inclusive of a Colombian dinner with one drink and the first bingo card (succeeding cards cost 1€ each)

For more information, please visit: http://profesionalescolombianos.nl/supermatch-2015/