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Art Exhibition – Liesbeth Rahder

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The art gallery ART Singel 100 is pleased to announce it’s upcoming exhibition starring with the works of the artist Liesbeth Rahder.

Liesbeth Rahder (1955) received her training at the Gerrit Rietveld academy in Amsterdam from 1980 to1985. Rahder, as a painter, is a gifted storyteller. Her work is largely autobiographic and she is using a very personal symbolism.

Although not always easily accessible to the viewer, one is attracted as if by magnetism. In a way, her work has the very Dutch qualities of intimacy, that are known from the fine interiors of the 17th Century Golden Age of the Netherlands.

In her work too, the overall composition is made up from an abundance of homely details, but there is a surprising magnificence in these domestic themes. In her most recent work she tells the human story of relationships, there are several figures talking to each other, or a lonely figure confessing to his own shadow. The viewer knows himself part of the conversation. It is like being placed in a situation you experienced before.

rahder 3
She paints intuitively, starting with large structured colour fields over the entire surface and then introduces a figuration of small icons that can be extremely detailed, with minute inscriptions often scratched in the wet paint with a palette knife or the backside of a brush. The figuration is like her handwriting and the cohesion or conflicts between all these figures draw the viewer into the painting, inevitably forcing him into making his/her own story.

However narrative and recognizable her figuration, she always seems to follow the inevitable impulse of the brush or palette knife and thereby brings out the peculiarities of the material that she is working with. She works predominantly in oil on canvas, but the same sensitivity and sublime feeling for materials is evident from her sculptures in which she often combines natural stone with bronze, wrought iron and other materials.

When: 26th April

Time: 14.00 – 17.00

Where: ART Singel 100, 1015AD Amsterdam