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Argentinian Music

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Argentinian music is often associated with the tango, which, besides belonging to the folklore, is in fact heard only in Buenos Aires and nowhere else in the country. Meanwhile, little is known about Argentinian classical music despite being international in scope.


Carlos Micháns will provide us with an overview of this cultural aspect of his country of origin, illustrated by musical pieces and images from the enchanting and dynamic Buenos Aires, from the viceroyalty of the eighteenth century to the present day.

Born in Argentina, the composer, author and illustrator, Carlos Michans moved to the Netherlands in 1982 and became a citizen in 1988. Trained and educated in his native Buenos Aires, he pursued a postgraduate studies in composition and electronic music at the Conservatory of Utrecht. His achievements include literary works such as novels, poetry, and short stories and an extensive catalogue in almost every genre, making him a remarkable composer. Between 1995 and 2012 Carlos Micháns was the editor and presenter of “Podium Neerlandés”, a programme of Radio Nederland aimed at introducing Dutch concert life to Spanish speaking audiences around the world.


Carlos Micháns


16/04/2015 (19:00 h)


Instituto Cervantes
Domplein, 3
3512 JC Utrecht

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