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Conference ”Brexit, Trump and elections: the impact on your business” with Alexander Rinnooy Kan | Asociación Española de Profesionales en Holanda - English Version
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Conference ”Brexit, Trump and elections: the impact on your business” with Alexander Rinnooy Kan

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AEPH has the great pleasure to extend an exclusive invitation to its members from Anton Valk CBE, Chair of the Board of the NBCC, Michiel van Deursen, director de NBCC  and Frans E. Engering, Chair of the Board of SANEC, to a very special conference: Brexit, Trump and elections: the impact on your business. The keynote speaker will be Alexander Rinnooy Kan who was named the most influential person in the Netherlands by the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Geo-political changes create a lot of uncertainty. This conference aims to provide some clarity as to what we can learn from it and how businesses can best adapt to it.

Keynote speaker:

  • Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Professor in Economics and Business management at the University of Amsterdam, Member of the Senate on behalf of Democrats 66 (D66), Former Chairman VNO (now VNO-NCW), former    President of the Dutch Social-Economic Council (SER): “National and International lessons learnt on March 15”


  • Marcel Baartman, Senior Economist at Clingendael: “The emerging new world order and its economic consequences”
  • Robert van der Jagt, Chairman of KPMG´s EU Tax Centre: “Dealing with taxes in a changing world”
  • Gerard Kastelein, Partner at Allen & Overy: “Brexit from a legal perspective”

Attendance to this event is only possible for members of AEPH, and registration is required through the electronic form found below.


Location:  Allen & Overy en Apollolaan 15,  AB 1077  Ámsterdam

Date:  Thursday, March 23rd 2017

Time:  15:00 h -18:00 h

Registration: Attendance at this conference will only be possible for members of the AEPH. Prior registration is required by transferring the symbolic amount of € 5 and will be made through the following link: Registration for “Brexit, Trump and Elections: The Impact on Your Business”

If you’re not a member yet or your membership has already expired and you want to enjoy this and other exclusive events you can either Register as a member or Renew your membership.

Important: The number of seats available is limited.