Visit to the European Space Agency in Noordwijk October 5th

Oct 05 2014

The AEPH has planned to visit the European Space Agency (ESA) in Noordwijk. ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre) has organised its annual Open Day, on Sunday October 5th, and the AEPH would like to discover the fascination and mystery of the  universe and cosmos. During the journey we will be with Alberto Tobías, head of systems, software and orbit demonstrations; and Pedro Cordero, Senior Management Advisor at ESTEC.



Art Singel 100 - Esther Levigne Exhibition

Oct 04 2014

The next Saturday 4th of October, at 16:00 hour, Art Singel 100 Gallery opens a new exhibition from the Spanish/Dutch painter, Esther Levigne. The exhibition of the artist, who show her art since 2001 habitually in the gallery, will remain open until October 25th.



Electrical or Electromechanical ENGINEER

Dutch multinational looks for Engineers. It is not necessary to be currently living the Netherlands.

Language: English

Technical Consultants

Dutch multinational looks for Technical Consultants. It is not necessary to be currently living the Netherlands.

Are you passionate about technology? Do you have experience in client-facing technical, consulting, developing and implementing complex solutions using Internet and web technologies? Are you willing to work in an international environment in the Netherlands?   Several multinational companies are already looking for you in the Netherlands!

Interested? Please, contact us at and send us your CV.


New sponsor - Rosa Iglesias: Señora Rosa y Tapas El Quijote

The flavor and texture of Spanish cuisine become, once again, in a protagonist in the dutch culture. The head manager of the Tapa’s shop/catering ‘El Quijote and the Spanish restaurant ‘Señora Rosa is Rosa Iglesias who has become in a new AEPH’s sponsor.

New sponsor - Camaleón Tours

Tourism made by Spanish people to Spanish-speakers in the Netherlands!

The tourism company Camaleón Tours has the main purpose of transmitting to the visitors in the Netherlands all of their knowledge about Amsterdam and surroundings, so they transport to each multicultural corner in the Netherlands. Camaleón Tours becomes the new sponsor of the Spanish Association of Professionals in the Netherlands, since now.

New sponsor - Jonkman Photo

The photography studio Jonkman Photo, formed by Nick Jonkman and his wife, is the new sponsor of the AEPH.

New sponsor - Magpeye Photography

The company of Carol P. Govaert, Magpeye Photography, is the new sponsor of the AEPH.

Carol P. Govaert comes from California and currently resides in Amsterdam. She has spent over 15 years in the Netherlands and another 10 years in South America and Asia. Her love affair with photography  began 30 years ago when she traveled for the first time to Europe and received her first camera. Also she studied at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam and hasn't looked back.

New Media Partner - Diplomatic Magazine

Diplomat Magazine is the new sponsor of Asociación Española de Profesionales en Holanda. It is a novel concept of diplomatic publications in Europe and the World. This subscription-free monthly-Online non-profit magazine. All the members of our association are already enjoying their diplomatic cultural-social programmes.

New sponsor: Walter Francia - Oil Paintings

The artist Walter Francia, which art works go from oil painting til conceptual photography, is the new sponsor of Asociación Española de Profesionales en Holanda. The work of Francia is much more about what you do not see. With this new sponsor, the official members of AEPH could buy any of Walter Francia's painting with 15% of disccount.


The hotel group and the institution work together to promote the image of Spain in the world, to disseminate the culture and its character from an innovative perspective.

New sponsor: Holanda Conecta


With a large experience as a consultant in different international change management projects, Eva Visser Plaza is Professional Coach, Certified Rebalancing Bodyworker and founder of Holanda Conecta. Her company offers Career and Life Coaching for Expats to inspire them to reach their potential talents and skills and make of their time in the Netherlands a successful experience.


New Sponsor: ConquistaCoach


With a large experience in management roles in different sectors and organisations, Eugenia Vega Montesino is Certified Professional Coach specialised in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and founder of ConquistaCoach.

Her company offers tailored training and coaching programmes to support international professionals develop in their career and life and achieve tangible, outstanding and meaningful results aligned with their personal vision.


Our new sponsor: Onderneming & Kunst

Onderneming & Kunst (Enterprise & Art) organizes cultural projects and provides consultancy and organisational services in the field of arts and culture. Onderneming & Kunst posesses extensive experience and expertise in organising (art) fairs, exhibitions and cultural projects of all sorts. Each year Onderneming & Kunst organizes the art fairs "Realisme" and "KrunstRAI" in Amsterdam and the arts and antiques fair “ART” in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Among the clients are corporations and governments in The Netherlands and abroad.


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